Milyika Paddy

Mrs Paddy is the Chairperson of Kalka Community, South Australia. She moved here with her husband when the community was set up in the early eighties. Prior to this she lived in a homeland called Walytatjara just over the border in the Northern Territory. Walytjatajara is a small community comprising of 3 houses and 1 schoolhouse. There was water but no power.
In the early eighties her family decided to move to Kalka in order to access better services. She is a strong leader within the community and an advocate for Kalka residents when speaking to government.

Mrs Paddy's country is in Western Australia. She is a cousin of Tjuruparu Watson and Wimitja Watson.




Examples of Artist's Work

Walpa 2011 122 x 107cm acrylic on linen

Walpa 2011 91 x 46cm acrylic on linen