Nyanu Watson

Nyanu Watson grew up in Ernabella before it became a mission. She moved back to Kalka in the Homelands movement, when Anangu (People in Pitjantjatjara) began to return to their country. She is now a prominent member of Kalka Community where she lives with her family, although she does like to visit her sister and fellow artist who lives in Kaltjiti/Fregon.


Nyanu is known for her unusual depictions of various animals found in the surrounding district where she lives. She uses a combination of brushwork and dotting to create the highly-stylised and unqiue creatures that she had became known for. Some of her favourites include the Ngintaka: Lizard, Anumara: Caterpillar, and Kakalyalya: Cockatoo.




Examples of Artist's Work

Nyanu Watson 2009 65 x 51.5cm acrylic on canvas

Kakalyalya 2010 122 x 107cm acrylic on canvas