Sandy Brumby

Sandy Brumby was born in the bush at 50 Downs, an outstation near Pukatja (Ernabella). He grew up there with his mother Doll Brumby, his father and his brother and sister, Harry Brumby and Maggie Brumby. He worked as a young fella at Mount Cavanagh, a cattle station near Kulgera in the Northern Territory. He was a stockman there - mustering bullocks, fencing, tending to the cattle. He met his wife, Tjukapati Nola Brumby in Pukatja (Ernabella), then they moved to Amata, and finally settled in Pipalyatjara, where they had two children - one boy and one girl.


He's been here for a long time, since before Kalka and Pipalyatjara communities existed. In 2010, in his seventies, Sandy Brumby picked up a paint brush for the first time. He has come to the Art Centre religiously ever since, discovering a passion for paint and need to tell his story. The marks he uses are reminiscent of symbols seen in rock paintings around Uluru and Kata Tjuta. His paintings are raw and bold, and demonstrate a strong connection to his country and culture. He has a deep love of colour and uses a broad palette when he paints, selecting the colours that sit side by side with natural intuition.



Examples of Artist's Work

Walytjatjara 2011 176 x 153cm acrylic on linen

Ngayuku Ngura 2010 107 x 91cm acrylic on linen