Stanley Nyayati Young

Stanley was born west of Irrunytju at a secret sacred rockhole site, in around1949. He grew up in the bush and travelled with his family around the areas of Irrunytju and Pipalyatjara. As a young boy he went to school at Ernabella Mission but returned to Pipalyatjara as a man where he taught white fella's Pitjantjatjara. This was a long time ago, when Anangu (People in Pitjantjatjara) were living in Wiltja's (traditonal shelter's), though Stanley lived in a house.

Nyayati has had many jobs including geologist for mining companies, rubbish truck driver and cattleman, working on the Amata station and Mulga Park station. He tells of one story when he rode from Alice Springs to Kalka bareback in a race with a friend. He now lives in Kalka Community and is a senior lawman, respected elder and celebrated dancer.





Examples of Artist's Work

Kalaya Tjukurpa 2010 146 x 121cm acrylic on canvas

Kalaya Tjukurpa 2011 183 x 153cm acrylic on linen