Yangi Yangi Fox

Yangi Yangi (Mrs. Fox) grew up and went to school at the Ernabella Mission. She then moved to the cattle station near Amata. When Pipalyatjara became a homeland, she moved back here to be closer to her traditional lands. Her Tjamu (grandfather's) country is Aran.


Mrs. Fox is a senior woman in the Pipalyatjara Community and holds a position at the local Health Clinic. She is also an astute craftswoman, an expert in punu carving and heavily involved in culture and ceremony. Her two daughters - Renae and Tanisha - are both practicing artists as well. Mrs. Fox has a meticulous and unique way of painting that defines her as an important artist at the centre.




Examples of Artist's Work

Wati Ngintaka Tjukurpa 2010 121 x 91cm acrylic on canvas

Wati Ngintaka Tjukurpa 2009 132 x 96cm acrylic on canvas